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Ahokore V2 Extras

$150.00 AUD
  •  Ahokore V2 Extras

Please see all available information, on what is included, and on how to build Ahokore at It includes switches!

Extras are held to a different quality standard, and I will not accept complaints or requests for refund over visual damage, such as scratches. Please see for what is acceptable, even on extras units.

All units are individually tested and are guaranteed to work as a keyboard upon arrival. Please make yourself aware of this before purchasing.

If you're in Australia, GST and $10aud shipping will be added at checkout. If you are international, a flat shipping fee of $25aud will apply. This brings it to the same as the GB price. Units will be shipped out in batches, and it may take around 7 days until I can give you tracking. I buyers keep you updated if this period takes longer than 5 days. Taxes on import are the buyers responsibility.

Thanks to MrLinuxFish and DrTalos7486 for one of the featured build images. You can see more on the LPKB discord server, in the #gb-ahokore channel.